Brewing Bliss: Our Craft Beer Selection

This is Texas, land of beer lovers. Beer is definitely part of our culture: We enjoy it while gathering with friends, on a hot summer afternoon as a refreshment beverage, or casually after a long day at work. ‘Cause let’s be honest, there will always be space for a good cold glass of beer. 

Today’s Karmic Journal is all about exploring everything there is to talk about one of the most popular drinks in the world: BEER. Why do we serve beer, what kind, and how, and in our humble opinion, how you should be enjoying this amazing beverage. 

Texas is a special place to be delighted by beer.

The appreciation for craft, artisan or alternative beers is significantly  growing. Last year in Texas, with Austin in the front row, showed the whole country creative ways to enhance beer taste and its own storytelling: More than 30 brewing companies where participating and winning national beer contests.-
So, let's have an immersion on our karmic selection of local crafted beers, as you understand the ‘why’ we choose our Ales and Lagers.

First of all, if you have visited Karmic Grounds before, you will know our devotion for being a space to stimulate creativity, a place to get things done! So we have a balance between brainstorming and hard work. 

Subsequently, as it is important to select a good coffee source correctly, the importance of selecting the proper beer to serve our community is as well as important, and serving the best ingredients continues to be our main priority. All of this is in relation to the healthy energy that we project throughout our studio, as your wellness is our top priority. It is true: with beer we can enter a creative realm, by relaxing the mind to be more open to find that great idea among the huge sea of ​​concepts. We jump through possible creative paths, searching for that which is wanted. However, a good beer benefits doesn't just stop in the emotional wellness; for those of you who think that beer is “bad” for you, you’ll be surprised to find out that many studies suggest that light-to-moderate consumption of beer can boost your heart health, reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, improve lipid metabolism and reduce oxidative stress.


Beer finds it, Coffee develops it.

Certainly an interesting combination. An ideal method for any creative mind. Who would have thought that there could be an interesting way of helping your creative and professional journey with some amazing beverages perfect for each step of the process. Anytime you need to search for an idea, get you mind into a relaxed state and just brainstorm, you can always get a glass of beer, then once you get all ideas down and have a starting plan, you could start working on it and coffee can give you that boost of energy to help you finish it! Interesting right? Do you agree?

Now, when you do drink beer, try to stick to 1–2 beers in a day and choose the healthiest beers, local organic craft beers are your best choice! (You can find these healthy beer options here at Karmic Grounds, check our menu here)

The way crafted beer acquires its special taste its mystically similar to coffee.  The control of the temperature and oxygen admission in the fermentation process it's a crucial fact. That is exactly what we look for when we selected our beers. It’s like selecting our coffee beans, the feeling has to be similar. 

For us, it was important that every selected brewing company that brings its unique masterpiece to our studio got a special story behind its brand and its brewing methods. The way to approach the design of a beer, inside and out, deeply embodies the inspiration that the desert, cannon, winds, sun and mountains offer. 

We have a selection of 9 drinks to enjoy, and are perfect to balance our rhythm, and allow you -beer lovers- to enjoy your favorite drink.

ALE First!

GERMAN ALE - Hefeweizen:
National Park by Big Bend Brewings - 5.5%

World Beer Cup 2018 Gold award winner. An easy-drinking, straw golden Hefeweizen with a rich mouthfeel and notes of banana and cloves.

PALE ALE - American Ale - Bold Amber:
Cannoneer Amber by Pegasus City Brewing - 7.4%

A medium-bodied, flavorful amber with a crisp and light caramel aroma.

Half-Life by Manhattan Project - 6.2%

Citrus characteristics. Soon to follow will be stone fruit and pine. Finishes with a subtle and wheat breadiness.

PALE ALE - IPA - Double IPA:
100 Million Angels singing by Texas Ale Project - 9.2%

The strongest beer in house. Double dry-hopped with copious amounts of some of our favorite American-grown hops. Pine, resin, and citrus.

BROWN ALE - American & English Brown:
Rapture Brown by Rabbit Hole - 6.0%
Rabbit Hole is a rich, toasted malt profile characterizes this English/American Fusion Brown Ale, with Pacific coast hops provide a balancing bitterness and subtle citrus character.

PORTER - American  Porter:
Gran Sport Porter by Coop Ale Works - 5.2%
Finesse and distinct malt backbone. Aromatic notes of chocolate and roasted coffee compliment the full–bodied mouthfeel derived from a healthy addition of oat flakes. Dark. Roasty. Malty. Splendid.

STOUT - Imperial Stout:
Coco Anejo Stout by Hopfusion Ale Works - 8.9%
2019 Gold - Aro Rojo International Beer Competition. 2019 Silver - Beer Army Beer Awards. Imperial Milk Stout - Fur Slipper; Silky smooth with notes of roasted hazelnut, dark chocolate and toffee and then aged on Roasted Coconut. Mind blowing coconut infusion!

Now the LAGER beers!

AMERICAN LAGER - Light beer:
Sex in a canoe by Noble Rey Breweng Company - 4.2%

A light and flavorful lager, crafted with chill ocean love.

PILSENER LAGER - German pilsener:
Peacemonger by Unlawful Assembly - 5.2%

Malty, biscuit sweetness is smooth, light-bodied, solid, and slightly sweet. Lemony, floral, spicy hops accent the clean malt bill nicely, and the high carbonation makes everything pop just a little.

Our last thoughts

Beer and coffee tastings are more similar than we would have imagined. From its creation process similitudes and tasting recognition. Craft beers, just as craft coffee, had become so popular amongst our this generation, this city, state and country culture in general. The growth of both industries show case the amazing demand for good sourced food and beverages and here at Karmic Grounds, we are at the forefront for it!

Beer -Good Beer- is good for your health, and what it brings to your well-being is a reason to add some of it to your weekly routines, just like any alcoholic beverage, consume it with responsibility. Remember try to stick to 1–2 beers in a day and choose the healthiest options.

Crafted beers give us a reason to celebrate a whole new universe on tasting! And we are so lucky to be in a beautiful culture that truly appreciates the brew inspiration. Discover more in our studio, come visit Karmic Grounds and get some good beer and coffee at any time! Cheers 🍻