Loose Leaf vs Tea Bags

We want the best of the best for our community! And in the Tea world we are no exception! Do you know about our loose leaf tea options? We carry just the best of the best for our Karmic Fam. We don’t rest until we make sure the best ingredientes and processes are deliver to our customers. Much is said about the numerous reason why loose leaf teas are far more better that bagged tea. And the reality is, in 90% of the cases, is true. Yes! there are still many companies that may carry Good bagged Tea, however, same as loose leaves Teas, they are considered “expensive" but, are they though?. If you think about it, conventional bagged Tea is actually the "dust and fannings" from broken tea leaves. This is a huge compromise in quality from full leaf tea. Not just because broken tea leaves have lost most of their aroma, essential oils and quality, but a bag will never allow a Tea leaf to expand fully to be able to release their full flavors and aromas. So, bagged broken tea pieces, when steeped, release more tannins than whole leaf tea, resulting in bitter astringent brews.
Why did we decide to offer a Full Loose Leaf Tea Bar at Karmic Grounds? From Herbs, fruits and spices, we want to offer our community a wide variety of drinks options, but healthy ones. We understand the power behind loose leaf teas, it is no secret that loose leaf teas have been steeped in water and sipped for at least 5000 years, a legacy, a tradition that has pass from generation to generation which benefits are wide varied and amazing, and which still apply today, from disease prevention to weight control and lowering cholesterol levels; they are high in antioxidants, prevent cardiovascular diseases, and help achieve mental clarity. Our premium teas are carefully hand-selected and crafted by tea masters. . and we are glad to be part of their mission.  Learn more about The Cultured Cup® Here and we are glad to be part of their mission.
Each loose leaf tea, alone or combined with different herbs, fruits and spices comes with their own type of health benefits. So, rotating them between drinking loose leaf green tea, white tea, oolong tea, puer tea and black tea depending on the day time and season, is always a great idea. For example, Black tea tends to have more caffeine in it, so try not to drink any after 1pm, so you can actually sleep! *wink* and it isn’t recommended if you are pregnant. You can always come and hang out out our studio to learn more about each Tea and different Tea combinations. Seat at the Tea Bar and talk to our baristas about them, smell and try them and notice the difference of each Tea's abundant and powerful aromas and flavors! Another tip we recommend when drinking premium Loose Leaf Tea is to not add sweeteners at first! #youdoyou but, the healthiest way you can drink your tea is AS IS, however after you’ve tried it’s natural taste and you still feel like you’d like to add something sweet, a little bit of Honey to sweeten your palate will do! The more natural the sweetener the better! Finally, if you are not too much of a Tea person, believe us, it takes a while to get used to the “straight tea taste” simply give it time! The more you drink it at its purest state, the more used to the taste you’ll get.

PRO Tip: It also depends on how long you steep the tea, learning about water temperatures, etc. Play around before giving up on loose leaf tea altogether.
Bottom line - whole leaf teas provide you with more flavor, aroma, antioxidants, and pleasure than the tiny leaf bits and stale tea dust in most mass-produced industrialized tea bags. Truthfully, if you are already a Tea lover, you know what we are talking about, but if you’re looking to get started drinking loose leaf tea or need a new variety of teas, check out our amazing Tea Bar! The prices are fair, the tea is insanely delicious, we have a great variety and best of all- we focus on quality for ALL our drinks. Yes, we carry just the best of the best for our Karmic Fam in our studio and we can’t wait for you to come and let us serve you the perfect Tea! With so many perks it’s a wonderful idea to begin adding more tea into your daily routine. And with so many flavorful options- you’ll never get bored! It really doesn’t get much better than that!
Are you a Tea or Coffee person? Tell us in the comments below and share this information with someone that needs it!