Now serving Breakfast Tacos from Tacodeli!

Good food is the fuel of a healthy life! So today we are going to present a way for you to eat good while on-the-go, starting with your first and most important meal of the day, breakfast! So get your tortilla ready because we are about to rock your taco.

If you are new here. Welcome to The Karmic Journal! By following our journal you’ll not only be up-to-date on everything that happens at our coffee studio but also learn more about coffee, cool recipes and what’s happening in our local North-Dallas community.

Well - enough about us! Today we want to showcase our newest addition to our quick bites, Breakfast Tacos! And not just any kind of tacos, we are talking about  the real deal. Our mornings just got better, Karmic Grounds is proud to welcome “Tacodeli® Feel Good Food” into our Coffee + Tea studio! Local, Handcrafted and award winning tacos! 🌮

So what’s in it for you!

We felt like our mornings were missing something, we had coffee, paninis and pastries …. Then we thought, what’s the easiest most convenient way for our early risers to get an easy to grab, easy to take out and easy to eat breakfast? Then, Voilà! Breakfast tacos with a delicious hot coffee! The combination was simply something special. And don’t you worry these tacos pair perfectly fine as well with an iced drink, a Chai latte, a matcha lemonde, ummmm literally every drink here at Karmic Grounds!! - Isn’t your mouth watering already? 🤤

Therefore! The freshness flavorful charm of Tacodeli’s tacos is now taking over our morning routine! We hope that you find, just like we did, within every taco bite that you take, that you can literally savor your day in many many delicious ways. 

Tacos bring a happy touch

Yes, there is some magical within tacos that makes them such a special meal, how easy and convenient it is to eat them. A taco could serve you as a quick pick-me-up, as well as a meal worth taking the time to enjoy deeply, and the fact that it’s perfect for both experiences is what makes them so unique. Tacos make life easy and convenient (as it compresses a fast meal in this postmodern impatient world!) Funny, but true, however, isn’t it amazing when you get the best of both worlds: Fast and Healthy! Well, now it is possible here at Karmic Grounds.

Tacodeli’s tacos go beyond their amazing list of ingredients, it is the way a good taco is composed, what makes it so popular. Firstly, and intriguing enough, the idea of understanding how Mexican culture has been merging into our Texan tradition, the creative way Tacodeli names each taco, and how popular they have become, successfully selling, and winning awards, throughout the entire state.

Growing a big wave of consciousness that covers understanding the origin of good food, and how we interact consistently with what we eat, is our main mission for Karmic Grounds; to provide the best quality of products to our Karmic Grounds family.

Back to the Roots

Let’s take a closer look at Tacodeli’s history: Even though they first opened in Austin back in 1999, their story gets traced back to its founder Roberto during his childhood back in Mexico City where he first fell in love with a taqueria. This local taco store model from his childhood, inspired him to create Tacodeli. 

Their model is simple, delicious tacos prepared by hand everyday and with the best local ingredients.

Their obsession for quality aligns with what we believe here at Karmic Grounds and everything we stand for, makes them the best taco partner we could ever wish for. 

The bound between Tacodeli and Karmic Grounds

In our constant search to keep making our studio a place for everyone and bring value to our North-Dallas community, we crossed paths with Tacodeli and right from the beginning we knew we were a match made in heaven.
Recent studies show that every day more Americans are starting to change the way they think about food and the benefits good food has on our overall health, this is a mindset we support and are totally on board with. Since it lines up with our core beliefs, we wanted to make sure that we are able to provide better food options for everyone!

The importance of wellbeing and the desire to better serve our community are vital principles Tacodeli and Karmic Grounds have in common. 

Tacodeli focuses on community centered Local production: They get to know first hand the faces of the people who produce local quality ingredients. This not only ensures the quality of ingredients but get us top flavorful tacos.

Daily Preparation with organic ingredients to ensure freshness: Sending a message that clicks with a conscious responsibility of preparing good quality food with love and health for every bite.

Truly aware of responsibility: “We use organic produce whenever possible and only pasture-raised eggs. We only serve high-quality meats, including sustainable salmon and certified humane pork”.

Inspiration directly from their roots: “We get our flavors from Mexico City and our creative fire from Austin”- It’ a perfect balanced food option: “We close at 3PM, because our tacos taste better when our people aren’t overcooked”.

Tacos at the studio!

Here’s the list of the tacos that you’ll find every morning here at Karmic Grounds Coffee + Tea studio:
  • Freakin’ Vegan: with Organic refried black beans, avocado and the special touch of pico de gallo.
  • The Jess Special: made up of Migas, special jack cheese and soft avocado.
  • The Vaquero: great taco with Scrambled eggs, grilled corn, roasted peppers and jack cheese.

Good food, good karma! Tacodeli knows about tacos and understands the beauty behind their creation. When it comes to quality, enjoying a good cup of coffee is very similar to a good bite of a taco, you know it’s all about the foundation of ingredients used 😉

Find them seven days a week at the studio: Monday to Friday from 7am to 11am, and weekends from 8am to 12pm. $2.99 each Taco! So tomorrow morning’s breakfast: Breakfast tacos at Karmic Grounds and on Mondays enjoy them with FREE Drip coffee from 7am - 9am!