What inspires us?

At Karmic Grounds we find coffee to be a beautiful thing. From its origins, to the journey it takes from the farmers to our cafe in Frisco, we love the simplicity, yet still perfection of the daily joy of drinking it. Each step contains its own and unique value. We are not talking about just the products, but each step along the way...better yet, each person along the way.

Our dream here at Karmic Grounds is to enhance and facilitate meaningful relationships between our visitors with a tasty flavorful approach built on the desire to please our Frisco community providing a space for drinks over meetings, friendships, laptops, first dates and books.

Seeing our Frisco community interacting with the coffee world is what keeps us moving and what really stokes our fire. Even though It’s no always easy to translate the passion for coffee into a well-run business, we are always looking for the moments in which we feel compelled to sit back and appreciate this journey along with the ones who feel the same way about our community and our love for coffee, to run our Studio with a carefully constructed balance of good Karma, excellence, passion and heart.

This is the overwhelming feeling that we experienced when we reflect on our partnership with Onyx coffee lab. As we are both owner run businesses, is easy to appreciate and see the love for customer service, quality of products and atmosphere that serves all our customers, staff and baristas. Onyx’s story, vision and values align perfectly with what Karmic Grounds stands for. Not only do they have heart and passion, but they pay close attention to quality and integrity of their coffee.

All of this and so much more is why we are thrilled to have sourced directly from the Onyx Coffee Lab for our in-house Coffee releases. We could just go ahead and brag about the Monarch -the coffee that hit our studios’s shelves early June- but instead, let’s focus on the amazing work that is being done by the Onyx team. We’ll just encourage you to shop the online store or come over to Karmic Grounds and grab a bag for yourself so that you can try the goodness while supporting our shop and great coffee.

We’ll be ready for ya’ll!

Once you’ve tried our selection of coffee, you’ll understand, I promise ;) So be sure to look into our featured coffee bags in our website or instagram - I definitely recommend the Onyx Geometry from Ethiopia & Colombia and Onyx Decaf Colombia Medellin from Medellin, Colombia!

This is the first of many thoughts will be adding to our Karma Journal, our desire is that you all get to know the heart and soul behind what we do, and see what your daily purchases are fueling and even encourage you along the way to never give up and keep going!